The order form is about half way down this page, but you should read the text first especially as we have improved the system for 2020.


This is a “top up” or “contingency” cover, intended to enable UK resident BBAC members to be insured whilst driving vehicles for ballooning activities (defined on the policy summary) without the vehicle needing (expensive) “any driver” cover in its own right. Cover is for a UK resident driving a car or van under 4 tonnes being used for ballooning activities where no cover for the vehicle or driver exists on another Motor policy via any recognised UK Motor Insurer. Cover is only for private ballooning, this policy does not cover commercial ballooning. More information is available in the December 2020 Aerostat article.

How to add your crew. If your crew are existing Associate members, this is very easy, you can link through to the insurance renewal page for that associate member using the relevant link in your membership dashboard. You should phone them to check for any new claims or convictions etc, but assuming they still meet the criteria set out below, you can renew directly on their behalf for automatic cover next day. If you have newly joined an associate member, be aware that these previously mentioned links are manually created by BBAC Membership once they process your application. However, your new associate member will have received log in details for their own membership dashboard and can complete their own insurance order from there. Note that your newly joined associate member might initially show as “waiting approval” for the insurance scheme in your personal dashboard, this is a system issue that we can’t currently amend, they will be added overnight subject to the criteria below and the system will change their status in about a month. Please do NOT use your personal insurance page for another person by amending the driver name field, this cannot be reconciled by the back end processes resulting in neither of you being covered. You should be aware that the transaction receipt e-mail will be sent to the member being insured, so if you are adding an associate member, they will receive that e-mail, so you should liaise with them to confirm they have received it and are therefore covered.

New for 2020, we have automated the process of sending your details to NFU Mutual. Provided you meet the criteria and receive the transaction receipt e-mail, you will automatically be covered for the following day – contact the insurance co-ordinator if you need to confirm cover or if you need same day cover. The criteria for automatic cover are:

  • no more than two fault claims in the last 5 years
  • no more than 2 SP/TS convictions in the last 5 years
  • acceptance of the data protection terms
  • no unspent criminal convictions
  • no disqualifying medical conditions

If you do NOT meet the criteria for automatic cover, it is your responsibility to contact the insurance co-ordinator with the relevant details so these can be passed to NFU Mutual for consideration. Please do not feel that you have to disclose very personal information (especially for criminal convictions) as you can be put in direct contact with the insurer to disclose such information.

A copy of the schedule can be downloaded from herePlease read the document as a whole, before asking any questions. Much of the wording on page one is clarified or modified by the endorsement on page two. Please note that there is a £500 excess. The BBAC policy is actually based on the NFU Mutual commercial vehicle insurance policy, the full policy document for which can be downloaded from here.

Once you complete the purchase process, you will be able to download the certificate from the order acknowledgement page. You will also receive a transaction receipt e-mail.

Please note that the insurance runs concurrent with your current BBAC membership year. If you take the policy in the last month or so of your membership year, you will need to pay again for the next BBAC membership year if you wish to continue with the cover. We do appreciate that not everyone will necessarily be able to renew exactly at the start of their membership year, so have built in a small grace period with the insurers to ensure continuous cover during this period. The actual policy expires at the end of September each year, should the BBAC not renew the policy, this grace period will no longer exist, but we make contact to inform you.

The BBAC hereby advises its members who choose to join the BBAC group policy insurance cover that BBAC expects to send the full £10 including IPT (Insurance Premium Tax) per joined person to NFU Mutual to provide the cover. If the uptake on this policy means that the income exceeds the cost, BBAC would then retain a proportion of each £10 payment as an administration fee. The exact breakdown for a given membership year will be available at the end of that membership year.

Join the BBAC NFU Mutual Insurance Scheme

Join the Insurance Scheme

Complete these details to subscribe to the BBAC NFU Mutual insurance scheme. Your subscription will last until the immediately-following 31st October, unless you join in September or October, in which case it will be valid until 31st October the following year.

IMPORTANT: User matching is done by email address and name. The stored data has been entered in the form below, PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE IT otherwise we cannot tie up the payments and you won't be covered. 

If it is incorrect, you need to return to your dashboard and edit your details there, then return to this page.

Total Amount
Insurance Details

Please answer the questions below truthfully. If it is later found that you did not answer all questions honestly then your insurance cover may not be valid.

You are buying insurance for the member shown below. If this is not what you were expecting, please do no go any further. NOTE You cannot buy insurance for your new associate members until they are linked in our system, which can take up to a week. Until then, the new associate member will need to buy their own insurance, using the login link sent to them on joining
First, enter the driver's full name, as shown on their licence
Please enter the driver's date of birth
Please enter the number of at-fault claims made during the last five years.
Please enter any unexpired driving convictions here, including speed-awareness courses. Input dates, fines, ban period, type and points. Enter "none" if you don't have any.
Please indicate that this driver accepts the data protection terms. These can be found here
Please confirm that this driver does not have any unspent criminal convictions. See this document for more information about unspent convictions. If the driver does have unspent criminal convictions, it may be possible for them to be added to the policy; please e-mail Rupert who will put you in touch with NFU Mutual directly. Note, Rupert does NOT need to know the details of any unspent criminal convictions.
REMINDER: the Law requires a driver to tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), the Driver and Vehicle Agency Northern Ireland (DVA) and authorities on the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney about any condition that may affect their ability to drive safely. If a Doctor asks a driver to stop driving immediately, they should follow this advice and contact the appropriate authorities for further guidance. If this driver has any medical conditions which may affect their ability to drive but which have not been declared to the DVLA then the BBAC is unable to offer cover. Please confirm that this is not the case.
The cost is £10. Please enter card details (you will be charged on the next page)