The British Balloon and Airship Club runs a Training Organisation for those wishing to become balloon pilots (hot-air and gas). This training organisation is registered with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (GBR.DTO-0219) Registration into the DTO (Declared Training Organisation) is free for current members of the BBAC who have joined at the Pilot/PUT rate, and are listed as a PUT member. Agree to the conditions below, and you are in!

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Training Organisation details During training, a member of the DTO must remain as a current, paid up PUT/Pilot member of the BBAC. Please tick the box below to confirm that the this will be the case.
The current annual rate for this is (UK) £65 full membership or £35 associate membership, with an extra £10 for those living outside the UK. In order to keep up to date, it is important that trainee pilots send their flight data to the training coordinator as soon as possible after every flight. Please confirm that this will be done.